Helpful. Hospitable.

Neighborly Property Group was born out of a desire to bring back the lost art of being neighborly – in construction, in real-estate, and in real life.

Founded by husband and wife team Kyle and Andrea Vorachek, Neighborly Property Group is family-owned and operated. Kyle and Andrea have over 20 years of combined experience in construction, real-estate, and project management, and take on a limited number of projects each year in order to allow superior service and quality to their clients.

When you work with Neighborly Property Group you can expect a personalized experience, tailored to meet your individual needs.

Our Team

Kyle - headshot

Kyle Vorachek

Owner, General Contractor

Andrea Vorachek

Owner, Agent

Karyn Braddock

Director of Operations & Marketing

Cait Courneya

Design and Build Coordinator

Drew Prest

Production Manager-Remodel

Erek Swenson

Project Manager, Remodel

John Bailey III

Senior Restoration Sales
Eric - headshot

Eric Bockelman

Senior Restoration Sales

Joe Rohrbach

Production Manager, Restoration

Travis Gilder

Production Manager, Restoration

Claire Felknor


Vanessa Miller



Neighborly Property Group exists to provide amazing experiences to our customers, employees & communities by building relationships of trust, always being there to help, and inspiring others through our foundational spirit of giving.


To generate $100,000,000 in annual sales across all business units & locations by 2030 and give over $1,000,000 annually to charity as an organization.