This sounds expensive. How much will it cost me?

Only your deductible. However, most customers choose to invest additional funds to upgrade materials beyond what insurance pays to really make the finished project great. It’s your project, and your choice!

It sounds like a lot of work, time, and hassle.

That is why you work with an experienced company like Neighborly Property Group. We do the heavy lifting by working directly with your insurance company to help minimize the amount of time you have to invest in the project.

How long will this take start to finish?

We typically see most roofing and siding projects completed within 1-2 months of filing a claim and most window projects completed within 3-6 months of filing a claim.

I don't want my insurance company to drop me.

Neither do we. That is why we work hand in hand to respect the relationship you have with them. Plus, they can’t drop you as a result of an “act of God” loss like hail damage.

How long should I wait before filing a claim?

Your insurance company requires that you inform them as soon as you become aware of damage to your home so they can help mitigate any further damage. There’s no time like the present to let them know!

Why should I work with Neighborly Property Group?

Simple. Because we are a small, local, professional company, and we only deal with a few hand- picked customers annually. This means you receive personal attention, quality, and service that you simply can’t receive from companies that deal with hundreds of customers a year.