958 Smith Ave, W St. Paul Full Remodel

For this property we were really able to bring our full remodeling arsenal to bear.  The home started in a highly neglected condtion.  Cracked plaster, leaking roof, damaged floors and woodwork, a dated kitchen, major bathroom & plumbing issues just to name a few.  In short-it was in rough shape and needed a lot of love.  We took inspiration from one of the golden ages of St. Paul, the 1920’s when this home was built and wanted to make sure we honored the amazing design elements already in the home while also updating it to modern standards.  We settled on a “Boho Gatsby” theme for this property to bring out a little fun.  First we installed a new Owens Corning True Definition Duration roof and new gutters to ensure there were no leaks.  Then we had our team come in and update the electrical, plumbing, install a new furnace and air conditioner, fix the plaster, patch any walls we needed to, completely revamp the kitchen and bathroom (we were able to save the original tub!), re-finish the floors, doors, and all woodwork in the house, install new light fixtures, paint all of the walls, and install all new appliances throughout.  The finished product is stunning and we couldn’t be happier with the end result!