Roofing FAQs

When will the crew arrive?

This can depend on the time of year, but when daylight allows the crews often like to start around 7 AM.

How long will my roof take to remove and install?

Depending on the size and pitch of the roof installations usually take 1-2 days.

Do I get to keep leftover materials?

No. We like to leave behind one or two bundles of shingles in the event that there are any minor repairs or issues that arise, products from the same shipment help ensure the best match. The extra materials at the end of your project are ordered to minimize the risk of needing to run out for supplies last minute.

Who should I call with issues?

For construction related issues please reach out to Joe Rohrbach via text or call at 952-239-0047. For other questions contact your sales representative.

What should I expect around the house (debris, landscape, etc.)?

There is no easy way to tear off a roof and unfortunately there is going to be debris and likely will be damage to soft landscaping. The most likely areas are near the dumpster and any valleys in the front of the home.

When will the leftover materials be picked up?

Due to trucking issues, we try to handle all material returns ourselves. We will do our best to have all the extra materials picked up within 2 business days.

When will the dumpster be picked up?

We typically try and schedule dumpsters to be picked up the first business day after installation is complete. Barring any major issues it should be picked up within 2 business days.